thy blog owner.
(it's Elina)

Welcome to Elinaputri.blogspot.com
there's nothing wrong with my name
If you think you know me, read my blog and think again.
I'm imperfect and I'm Lovin' It.
I'm the only witness and the only person who can judge my life.
This is my blog so Click here if you hate it.

Soaring through, through the night.
Skyway Avenue - We The Kings

know me well.

This blog is my personal space
It is where feelings is expressed in terms of words
I don’t need people to tell me HOW I SHOULD BLOG
I blog just to express my state of mind
This place acts as my alternative platform of expressing my thoughts

This place where you deliberately or happen to be at, IS MY BLOG
I’m not here to impress, and you are not here to judge
If you despise, take your initiative and leave

hear your voice baby.
A tag would be nice. :D
. Thank you.

its a big big world.

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    Date / Time : Tuesday, May 4, 2010 / 8:28 PM
    Long time no blog, busy studying for my exam. Study! Study! Study! No freedom wish could go to express end of year and start a new life in express.Maths fun. It's so fun that i could not study for my history.

    Secondary school life rocks except for the part where everyone is studying. 1 Charity so noisy. Always getting scolded including me. By the way np rocks. I miss UG Camp it totally rocks, first time in my life becoming the best camper. So sweet.

    So fun! So many new friendz here.Too much until i almost have not much time to spend with my primary school classmate since primary 1. I totally missed her ALOT> Min Shan, meet me half way!?!

    I am always the one talking until people just get annoyed by me and there is even people who called me a weirdo. Always the smiley and a (HI!) face girl.